Nadia Boucher has over 10 years of experience teaching piano and music theory to students of all levels from beginner to university level.  She offers private piano lessons ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the student’s age and level.  Theory lessons are also offered privately and in small group settings.

A Royal Conservatory of Music certified teacher, Nadia believes strongly in setting goals and regularly assessing a student’s progress.  Most of her students take RCM exams annually with the majority of students achieving First Class Honours or higher. 

Aside from examinations, Nadia gives her students many opportunities to perform and grow as young musicians.  She has annual studio recitals and encourages her students to perform in local festivals and competitions. 

As a versatile musician herself, Nadia understands the importance of teaching a variety of musical styles including Classical, Broadway and Pop music.    

For more information, rates, or to set up your free consultation please contact Nadia by phone at (613) 424-0634 or by email at


“Nadia has been a wonderful piano teacher and musician role model for our five year old daughter. With a kind and gentle manner, Nadia teaches the fundamentals of music and has stimulated our daughter’s love of music and piano. We are very fortunate that our daughter’s first piano lessons were taken with Nadia.”  

Gillian Kirsh
Eden Gladstone, Introductory Piano


“Nadia has helped me discover my passion for piano and I have learnt so much from her. The combination of her dedication, skill, professionalism and kindness makes her a truly remarkable teacher.”

Meredith Bird
Grade 8 Piano & Advanced Rudiments


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